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SZIE/GATE VMI 1997-2009

  Institute for Wildlife Conservation  
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    Project leaders:

         Sándor Csányi CSc
  • Development of the National Game Management Database
  • Habitat use of roe deer in agricultural landscapes (Great Plain, Hungary)
  • Heavy metal pollution of waterfowl
  • Legislation and administration of game management and hunting in the EU
  • Antler development of red deer and roe deer in different habitats
  • Monitoring edible snail collection in Hungary

  •      László Szemethy PhD
  • Potential modifications of red deer management
  • Funding the base of long-term large carnivore conservation in Hungary
  • Survey of the nature conservation risks of the Körösladány Game Preserve of DALERD Joint-stock Company
  • The importance of feeding grounds, additional feeding, salt licks and wallows in big game management
  • Effect of large herbivore game species on the forest regeneration at different ways of forest exploitation
  • Assessment of the effective area of feeding places
  • Effect of wild boars on the sedge association in Isaszeg Wild Boar Preserve
  • Description of habitat use and foraging of red deer from the view of venison follow up
  • Game damage forms in different cultivars

  •      Miklós Heltai PhD
  • Long term country wide monitoring of the important predators and raptors aspect of game management on the basis of mail questionnaire survey
  • The causes of spontaneous repatriation of golden jackal in Hungary
  • Monitoring of distribution and spreading of non-indigenous invasive predators in Hungary
  • Development of predator management in the practice of small game management in Hungary

  •      Zsolt Bíró PhD
  • The spreading and the wildlife management effects of the badger in Hungary
  • Program for the protection of the brown hare (cooperation with the Department of Game Management and Animal Breeding of the Károly Róbert College)
  • Preparing the Species Management Plan for the brown hare
  • Habitat use and hybridization of wild- and domestic cats

  •      Róbert Lehoczki
  • Chemical composition of the roe deer antlers

  •      Krisztián Katona PhD
  • The effect of winter supplementary feeding on the ranging and feeding behaviour of large herbivores and forest damages